SoftSnow Merger


This is a Windows application to merge text and HTML files. View a screenshot.


Download and Installation

Download Download and run the installer.

To uninstall, run the uninstaller or use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.


Select the files you want to merge using the Add button or by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer.

You can re-order the files in the list using drag and drop. Remove any unwanted files with the Remove button.

Enter the output file by clicking on the Save As button and entering the filename in the dialog box, or by choosing the file.

Click on the Merge button to merge the files and create the output file.

The "Strip header/footer" option strips redundant style sheets, Javascript blocks, HEAD and HTML tags from the files.

The "Nadie files" option is used for ebooks created by a person called Nadie. These files are typically called "slide" and the table of contents is contained in a toc.html. Merger will convert the links in the table of contents, remove next/previous chapter links and so on.

The "Baen files" option is used for ebooks created by the publisher Baen. Their files are typically named with the ISBN of the book. Merger will fix the links in the table of contents, reformat some of the HTML etc.

For HTML files, you may find on rare occasions that the created file does not display in your browser. This is likely because some browsers require stricter HTML compliance than others (Opera is an example). This happens because Merger makes no attempt to parse the HTML - it simply joins the files together. Therefore, a tag that confuses the browser could be retained. The simplest solution would be to run HTML Tidy against the output file which should tell you which are the offending tags.

Version History

Merger #12: